About OneSight

EyeMed is the Platinum Sponsor of OneSight Regional Vision Clinics in North America. Together with OneSight, we bring onsite vision care services, including comprehensive eye exams and new prescription eyewear, to more than 11,000 underserved across the nation. A leading nonprofit, OneSight is dedicated to eradicating the vision crisis, not only in our backyard but around the world. Since 1988, OneSight has helped 9 million people in 41 countries and is leading the solution for sustainable vision care access worldwide.

In addition to our financial support, EyeMed associates volunteer their time, expertise and skills to staff OneSight vision clinics across North America and around the globe every year. And, as part of our local commitment to give back to our community, our team also volunteers to provide annual vision screenings for students in greater Cincinnati schools.

Our support of OneSight transcends a sponsorship or corporate cause. It’s a passion.

Savings in plain sight!

Healthy vision is a gift. Choosing the right vision plan is a solid step toward protecting your vision in a financially savvy way. EyeMed Individual and Family Vision Plans may help you protect your vision and save money.