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Why vision insurance?

It is the smart, reasonable way to keep an eye on your vision – and your health.

It is estimated that more than half of all Americans need vision correction1. Without corrective eyewear, they cannot see life to the fullest. Vision benefits make it easier to afford regular eye exams as well as prescribed vision correction.

Savings in plain sight!

Healthy vision is a gift. Choosing the right vision plan is a solid step toward protecting your vision in a financially savvy way. EyeMed Individual and Family Vision Plans may help you protect your vision and save money.

Your eye exam

Seeing wellness inside and out

You may think you need an eye exam only when it is time to update your eyewear prescription.

But the truth is, eye exams are about a lot more than seeing if you need a new pair of glasses or contacts.

Besides measuring your vision, regular eye exams can help identify early signs of certain chronic health conditions.

This includes high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol2. So even if you do not need vision correction, it is important to take charge of your health. When you get your eyes checked every year, you are helping your eyes – and possibly your whole body – stay well.

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