Who are the entities involved with getting an appointment?

When you offer EyeMed Individual vision plans to your customers, your agency will actually be working with a few different entities.  They include:

  • Marketed by EyeMed Vision Care, LLC  (Licensed in California as EyeMed Vision Care & Insurance Services, LLC)
  • Underwritten by Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company
  • Administered by First American Administrators and InsuranceTPA.com
  • Producer appointment administration by SASid, Inc.

When can I begin selling EyeMed Individual on Covered California?

Appointed producers may begin selling as soon as they receive their welcome email and unique url.  All producer sales must be conducted using the unique url sent in the welcome email.

What is the enrollment process?

Producers already certified with Covered California are invited to submit their completed forms for consideration.  Producer forms may be obtained from our EyeMed Individual Covered California website.

How do producers contact someone about getting appointed?

We’re glad you are interested in getting appointed!  First, we ask you visit our producer page here.  On this page you will find links to our Producer FAQ and Producer Agent Guide.  You will also find a link (“Complete producer appointment forms here”) with convenient DocuSign documents for your completion.  Once you have submitted your DocuSign papers, if someone needs to reach you they will either contact you by email or phone.

Still need to ask a question?  Please use our online agent/broker email form here to ask your question or submit a comment.

What if I’m already appointed with FSL to sell the EyeMed brand?

Great!  We appreciate you already doing business with us.  To sell EyeMed Individual for Covered California, producers who are previously appointed with FSL to sell the EyeMed brand must be set-up to receive a unique url for the Covered California business.  Simply complete and return the producer forms obtained from our EyeMed Individual Covered California website.

What member effective dates are available?

Effective dates are always the first of a month.  Customers enrolling prior to the 20th of any month may choose an effective date for the first of the following month, or any two months thereafter.  For example, customers enrolling on March 10 may select from April 1, May 1, or June 1.  Any enrollments from the 20th of a month to the end of the same month, will choose from a first effective date of the first full-month following.  For example, customers enrolling on any day from March 20th – 31st may select an effective date of May 1, June 1, or July.

What is the agent commission for EyeMed Individual on Covered California?

Producers are compensated 10% of premium for new sales.

Will commission only be sent via EFT?

Yes.  We must have your bank account data to send commissions.

Can I receive a single commission check and statement for EyeMed commercial and EyeMed Individual business?

All commissions for EyeMed Individual Covered California sales will be separate from any EyeMed commercial business sold.  You will receive separate statements and payments.

How will commissions be paid?

Commissions will be paid monthly directly to your bank account via EFT.

Must I already be a certified Covered California agent to offer EyeMed Individual through the Covered California exchange?

Yes.  Only certified Covered California producers may sell EyeMed Individual for Covered California once they are appointed.

Do you offer more than one vision plan?

Yes!  We offer three vision plans for Covered California, so consumers can choose the plan for their specific needs.

Is an association fee required for members to enroll in EyeMed Individual?

No, there is no additional association fee for EyeMed Individual, or any other fee, shown at checkout.

Is a unique producer url convenient?

Absolutely – just click and enroll.  What could be more convenient?